In week one, I summarized the content of the group interview about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) that I did during the holiday. I have pointed out the main points that the participants mentioned in the interview.


I also wrote the introduction chapter for my thesis and sent it to my supervisor for reviewing.
I also prepared contents and slide following the 3 minutes thesis “3TM” presentation to present for week two.




During the second week, I continued to collect more participants for my survey, it is about the consumer’s perception about chemical-free food and IPM.

I scripted and drew storyboard for animation to promote IPM after receiving comments and suggestions from the interview group.


I also wrote the introduction chapter for my project that includes:




In week 3, I was researching for existing agricultural brands and their marketing & design strategies. I have made a list of materials that I would design for the IPM brand identity.

The design materials in my project:

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