This week, I begin to summarize the group interview which was conducted previously with the farmers in South Australia. After this interview, I now understand better the benefits of IPM as well as the obstacles that make IPM uncommon to Australian consumers even though it is really good. All of the information is very useful for the IPM project. I also started to research and write a chapter of literature review for the exegesis section. At the same time, studies on influential factors for the project are being carried out.

Studies on influences for IPM brand identity

The purpose of this project is to advertise IPM – an environmentally-friendly growing method, in which the products are pesticide-free. Therefore, the designs that influence the research are inclined to the designs of many healthy food brands. They all bring a good sense of nature and freshness. The designs made from paper or disposable materials are added to the influence list of this project. I prefer my designs to have bright and friendly colors. The colors should stand out and deliver a secure, delicious, fresh, and close feeling.

Research influences for the animated cartoons

I plan to make 2 short animated videos. 1 video advertises the IPM farms for the farmers and another video will advertise the IPM products for customers. I’m looking for cartoons related to insects and small animals which are personified. I would like to know how those videos are made, displayed, and the way the colors are used as well as the gestures and behaviors of those personified animals.



Video execution

I already have a script and complete storyboard of the video for the farmers. The script and storyboard of the advertising cartoon for consumers are still at the stage of building and editing, after taking up the feedback and replies (user testing).


Animated video for farmers

The biggest challenge here is that most cartoons are of the 3D genre. Meanwhile, I do not specialize in 3D movie making, and it would cost a great deal of time. I think there is no time for the two short animated videos. Therefore, I decided to produce the 2D videos instead.

Animated commercial video for consumers

I am not fully satisfied with the script and storyboard of the video for customers because I think it should be modified. I’m still considering the best option for improvement. Maybe I need to change the general script as well as the cartoon style. I have drawn some vectors of some scenes for everyone to have a look at and discuss. I’m looking forward to the feedback from you all.





Brand identity design for IPM

In this week, I begin the first design of the IPM brand identity. It includes:



Name card




The details used in this design are drawn based on the images of beneficial insects (natural enemies used to control pests in the IPM method). The primitive color in this theme is green.

Poster for the animation.

I also drew a poster to advertise the benefits that good insects bring to the farmers. These small living creatures are personified and described by the cartoon style. All of the characters in the poster will appear in the animated video for the farmers.

This poster will also be used for a pamphlet that is designed to advertise the IPM, IPM farms, and natural enemies (good insects) in the IPM method.


Guide-handbook for farmer

I have just completed a guide-handbook for the farmers. The purpose of this book is to introduce the images, habits of harmful pests, and their natural enemies to the farmers.

However, I think that this book is quite wordy, not very organized, and there is too much information for a handbook. I will double-check for some redundant content.


Group interview

After learning how to sort out and effectively arrange the information and keywords, I practiced on a sample of information from the interview. All of the statements from participants have been recorded precisely. The critical information has been highlighted and grouped into specific categories. This has helped me filter the information more easily.




The survey targets consumers in Australia to explore their awareness of IPM products. There are 14 responses to date including 11 women and 3 men. Most of them are between the ages of 15-39 (Figure 1, Figure 2). The survey shows the majority of them purchase food at the food stores and none chooses to only buy food at Natural food stores (Figure 3). However, the first responses show their interest in healthy foods, particularly more than 85% of them concern about chemical pesticides in farming (Figure 4, Figure 5). Despite the popular interest, not all understand clearly the harm of chemical pesticides, and they do not try to search for chemical-free fruits and vegetables (Figure 6, Figure 7, Figure 8). In general, via the questions from 3 to 8, although the concern is of a high level, most people’s actual behaviors do not fully reveal their awareness.

When discussing Organic products, more than 56% of the participants replied that they only hear of the concept through the advertisements (Figure 9). It is noticeable that when being asked about the current price of Organic products, there are only 50% of the responses from “very dissatisfied” to “dissatisfied”, and more than 85% claimed that they are willing to buy more affordable chemical-free foods (Figure 10, Figure 11).

In terms of IPM, as expected, there are up to 63% of responses saying that they have no idea about IPM. Even so, 3 people used to hear of IPM from the advertisements  (Figure 12). Aside from prices, everyone prefers more knowledge about IPM food and healthy products advertising (Figure 13). The key factor which leads to the most selected choice of food is brand and product label information (Figure 14). Therefore, most people are willing to buy IPM products with a competitive price more than Organic goods if they know more about IPM through ads as well as labels on the products. 

After watching the pilot video, all of the participants express their enjoyment of the information about IPM (Figure 15, Figure 16). It does change the perspective of fresh products as well as the beliefs about fresh produce (Figure 17, Figure 18). These responses proved that while the research needs to polish the design outcomes for consumers, most people want to understand more about another healthy choice of fresh produce.


This week, I continue to make the animated motion of the video for the farmers and resume writing the exegesis.

I also came up with ideas and sketches for the poster. The idea of my poster is to create a series of 3 connected posters, which convey the IPM message.


Animated video for farmers

I’m working on the animated motion and things are going as planned. I expect the video will last for more than 3 mins. Making the movements for the fighting insects costs time and requires frequent adjustments.

Animated video for consumer

From the feedback and advice that I received, I decide to change the entire script and completely replace the animated style. There will be a new style in my design. The colors and images will be more dynamic. The content will be more interesting.


I need to change the entire script, storyboard, and vectors of the cartoon video for the consumers before the presentation in week 7. I want everybody to be able to visualize what I am doing and my products in the most intuitive way.

I’m now preparing for the presentation in week 7. I have to ensure the progress of the exegesis as well as the main design products of this project. They will help my audience understand my works and the purpose of the project. I do not want to present only some simple sketches.



This week, I start to write a chapter about studio practice while getting ready for the presentation in week 7.

The most difficult thing is to organize all of the ideas, information, and main products of the project and present them briefly and most understandably because the allotted time for the presentation is only 10 mins.


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