IPM mini guide-book

The guide book help you get to know more about IPM method and how IPM use “natural enemies” to prevent pests. Besides, you can get knowledge of characteristics and behavior of popular insects in the farms and gardens.


for mini guidebook & animation video

Promotion book

The purpose of this book was to introduce consumers to IPM method and its products as well as bring the image of Bugtacus brand closer to consumers.


The effectiveness of the poster cannot be denied by most people, especially the media makers. Nowadays, many brands and trademarks are inclined to use posters as a means of large-scale advertising. The image promotion project for IPM is no exception.

The reason posters are preferred to advertise for the IPM method is that they can be very noticeable to people around, being not too complex, easy to remember, plus not too costly but bringing great effectiveness.

The design of the posters belonged to the propaganda artworks that aimed to convey information, enhance public awareness about the IPM method whose products have had a positive influence on people’s health and the environment. There were three designed posters which conveyed the following messages:

The IPM method uses “natural enemies” to eliminate the harmful pests, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to customers.

IPM fruits and vegetables do not contain any pesticides; thus, they are safe for human health and the environment

IPM food VS Conventional food

This is a short animation commercial video that describes the difference between conventional vegetables and IPM products. The way of our ladybug protect crops, it is the way natural works.

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What is IPM?

A brief video introduces about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method in agriculture.

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