Over the past few years, the demand for clean and healthy products is rising but most people are unfamiliar with farming approaches and techniques. In recent years, the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method was applied into Australia agriculture and produced healthier vegetables. The products of IPM method also meet the requirements for safety, quality food and environmentally friendly product, as well as its cost is affordable than the Organic approach.

This research focus on using visual communication design (animate video, logo, pamphlet) to convey the core messages to increase consumer awareness about pesticides effects on health and environment, and why consumers should consider IPM products as a good choice.


The visual media outcomes are evaluated based on the survey of the consumers who scanned them as well as the feedback of IPM growers. Although this project would not go into detail how consumer’s behavior changed over the time after scanning all the outcomes, other farming companies and researchers can refer to this project for future work.


Bugtacus project is a research project that creates high-impact media design products in terms of visual effects. The purpose of the project is conveying the messages of the IPM method and promote its products.

Currently, the IPM method has been widely applied by many farmers in South Australia and certified as a green agricultural method. The produce is free of pesticides, high-yielding and safe for consumers.
Bugtacus was created to represent farmers who are applying the IPM farming method. Through its design products, the Bugtacus project aims to promote the spirit of “eating without chemicals” and “saving the environment”. At the same time, we would like to raise consumer awareness about IPM products.

The story of Bugtacus begins with the torments about a number of environmental issues caused by chemical wastes from pesticides, and the diseases that the growers may have due to direct contact with toxic chemicals in pesticides. Moreover, IPM products remain unknown to many consumers and easily confused with other conventional products

The project to create Bugtacus – a representative brand for IPM agricultural products that aims to contribute to changing the lifestyle, mindsets, and awareness of the community, hoping to help people understand the value of IPM products, and simultaneously, increase the income for farmers.

The aims

The aims of the project include:

  • Creating a brand identity to promote IPM food production that can be shared by IPM farms/growers.
  • Creating media products (posters, a pamphlet, videos) to increase consumer’s awareness about the benefits of IPM products.
  • Creating media products (posters, a pamphlet, videos) to increase grower’s awareness of how to apply the IPM method to controlling pests without using chemical pesticides.
  • Encouraging consumers to be more health conscious by choosing pesticide-free food.


The purpose of the studio practice was to create visual communication design products that both attracted an audience and conveyed the message of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method through a variety of images. The project has two target audiences: farmers and consumers. First, the farmers are expected to be supplied with information about the recent development in the agriculture industry. This knowledge is complex and hard for people to understand, so the designs needed to have a sense of excitement and a feeling of recreation. The images, therefore, should have dynamic colors and the main content should be depicted in an easily understandable way.

Secondly, for the consumers, the designs aimed to inspire a connection formed by trust. The layout had to deliver bright, meaningful messages about the benefits that the IPM products can bring to the consumers and the world in general.

Design outcomes

Brand Identity for IPM products including logo, labels, packaging.

An animation video for farmers that provides information and knowledge about IPM in an entertaining and interesting way.

Commercial animation video to promote IPM products.

Posters to promote IPM and natural enemies.

Guide handbooks to introduce people to natural enemies. 

Pamphlets to promote IPM for both farmers and consumers.




The most special characteristic of the IPM method is its deployment of “natural enemies” on harmful bugs. Therefore, the preliminary idea was to have one typical type of beneficial bug as the main symbol of Bugtacus brand. The kind of bug should be familiar and well-known to everyone. The ladybug was chosen to be a symbol for Bugtacus/IPM because it is popular and is easily recognized by most people..

The central image of representing IPM campaign is a ladybug dressed as a Spartan warrior. This idea was inspired by the image of Spartan warriors in the movie. “300”. The story of the movie is like the battle among beneficial bugs and harmful bugs. Since pests can reproduce quickly, the number of harmful bugs can be as many times as the number of beneficial bugs. This is also a fight to protect fruits and vegetables from pests in IPM farms.